Soo Kim

On this particular day, I set a goal to get 15 books out, or I was going to quit canvassing. I was able to get seven books out before lunch, and I prayed that God would help me meet my goal and work through me as I met people at each door.

I was dropped off first after lunch, and was rejected at the first five houses. At the sixth house, an elderly lady came to the door. I canvassed her, but she did not seem interested. I asked if we could pray together, and she agreed. After the prayer, she asked about the books. I handed her copies of The Great Controversy, Steps to Christ, Peace aboe the Storm, Storytime, and Lessons of Love. She decided to buy all five books! She prayed once more for me and encouraged me. By the end of the day, I was able to get 15 books out and dreach my goal. God showed me His greatness and that He will always be with me as I do His work. The answer to my prayer that day made me more motivated and interested in canvassing. I learned a lot and was blessed so much!