Jeremiah Fernandez

It was a nice cloudy Monday when I had this Divine appointment from God.

I was going from one business to another when I decided to go through the back of it since I saw there could be a shortcut. As I walked by, I saw a man trying to turn on his vehicle but it was giving him trouble. Then I questioned if I should approach him or not since he looked a bit annoyed by the situation. After all, I concluded ongoing and mostly praying for him, but I also end up presenting my books to him due to his kind gesture. He was glad to get two books from me and after that, I offered to pray for his car. He accepted that with a smile and we prayed for the Lord’s help for the current situation. Once I was done, we shook hands and I walked away to the next business, but then I heard him trying to turn his car on once more and it amazingly turned on! I smiled to myself, thank God and wave the man goodbye. Later on, I got to reach a mechanic where I met the man again, he thanked me for the prayer and let me know that his vehicle is soon going to be fixed.

God never leaves us through small or big trials alone, but always has a door open for our victory. We just need to depend on His divine power.