How long is the summer program?

The summer program is 10 weeks, the winter program is 4 weeks, and the spring program is a week and a half (1 ½).

Is my scholarship given to me or mailed to my school?

Scholarships may be mailed to the student’s school or mailed to the student’s home.

Are my parents allowed to visit me?

Parents may visit their children during the off days and Sabbath only. They are not allowed to spend the night at the program location and cannot take students on over-night trips.

Will training be provided?

Training is provided for all students in each of our programs..

May I still attend the Youth Summit program if my school lets out after the program begins?

YES! Students may join the summer program late if their school lets out after the program begins. They will be required to attend the 2 week extended program to make up the time lost.

How old do I have to be to canvass with Youth Summit?

Students must be between the ages of 16 and 25 to be accepted into Youth Summit.

May I go home during the weekends?

Students are required to stay with the team on the weekends to participate in team activities and church programs. They are allowed to visit home during the midretreat weekend only.

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