Marry Htoo

My first year of canvassing has been a big impact on my life. I have approached so many people that I would never approach if I wasn’t canvassing and I’ve learned to see people the way God sees them instead of judging by the appearance. I’ve canvased in rich neighborhood and poor neighborhood and it’s amazing to see in a lot of cases that people who look like they have nothing to give were willing to give so much because they saw the values of the message books and people who look like they have everything were not willing to give anything. I’ve learned to not function by my feelings because working for God is not easy but it’s worth it. There were many times when God tested my faith in the field and i also had many times to challenge God to show me a miracles. All those times I had with God made me believe stronger.

Soo Kim

On this particular day, I set a goal to get 15 books out, or I was going to quit canvassing. I was able to get seven books out before lunch, and I prayed that God would help me meet my goal and work through me as I met people at each door.

I was dropped off first after lunch, and was rejected at the first five houses. At the sixth house, an elderly lady came to the door. I canvassed her, but she did not seem interested. I asked if we could pray together, and she agreed. After the prayer, she asked about the books. I handed her copies of The Great Controversy, Steps to Christ, Peace aboe the Storm, Storytime, and Lessons of Love. She decided to buy all five books! She prayed once more for me and encouraged me. By the end of the day, I was able to get 15 books out and dreach my goal. God showed me His greatness and that He will always be with me as I do His work. The answer to my prayer that day made me more motivated and interested in canvassing. I learned a lot and was blessed so much!

Helidany Castro

I wasnt having a good day; it seemed as if everyone was being mean to me. After lunch it didnt get any better. I even got yelled at by a lady who was startled when I approaced her. I couldnt take anymore, and I started crying. I started asking God why this was happening to me. I felt like I was doing all the work, and I couldn’t sense Him working. I felt alone. I continued canvassing with tears in my eyes, and people started giving me donations. One man even got a book just because I was crying! I wasn’t crying on purpose; I couldn’t help but cry.

After a while, my leader came and saw me crying, so he took me in the van asked me what had happened. He decided to take me to canvass some houses instead. On the way there, he played the hymn “A Mighty Fortress is our God” to encourage me. It made me cry even more because of its powerful message. I felt so blind because I couldn’t see His power working for me that day. The leader encouraged me and then dropped me off on my next street. At the second house on that street, a family got a four-book set (including The Great Controversy)! It was amazing because before my leader dropped me off, he’d told me that I would call for books very shortly, and that’s exactly what happened. All glory be to God for answering my prayers!

Canvassing has taught me that the only way to advance in life is to rely completely on God. I’ve also learned from this work how to be patient in ways that I’ve never learned before. I thank God for what He has done form me and for giving me the opportunity to do His work. Jesus is coming soon, and He needs people to be out working for Him. He brought me here to show others His mercy and love so that they might be saved!

Benjamin Olivier

One thunderstorm-y day this past summer, resisting the urges to doubt that God could bless on such a day, I was dropped off in apartments so I’d have shelter from the rain and lightning. The first man I talked to wasn’t interested in books, but he donated for an HD. First person and1 HD. Second guy was a college student, low on funds, but was very interested, so I gave him an HD and he signed up for Bible studies. So 2 people, 2 HDs, and 1 Bible study. The third person was uninterested in books, but donated for an HD and signed up for Bible studies. Now 3 people, 3 HDs, and 2 bible studies. The fourth lady told me she was busy, and to come back at 2:00 pm. To this, I turned to the door across from hers and met another college student, a babysitter who signed up for Bible studies. 3 people, 2 HDs, 2 bible studies. Here’s the crazy part: a little girl inside the third apartment door was talking to the little boy under the babysitter’s watch, so the third lady kept listening. She became intrigued by hearing what I was sharing, and when I finished with the fourth soul, she was still standing by her door listening! 3 books later, before I could offer to pray for her, she was praying for me and signing up for Bible studies too. They then invited me into their apartment so I could meet the little girl’s turtle and watch them feed it. I couldn’t stay long of course, but by the time I walked back out of that home, 5 people, 4 bible studies, and 3 HDs removed from drop off, I knew that the rain and lightning were merely a token of the power of God, a power that was attending me in my work that day.

Cindy Jumuad

On this particular day, I was feeling so down because I only got one book out during the morning shift but I tried to just keep a happy spirit in spite what I was going through but I was praying to God that He would help me get books out during the afternoon shift. As I was walking from house to house I kept praying and as I approached this house I knocked and a lady came to the door. I canvassed her as usual and she was really interested about the books and ended up getting 3 books and offered me a cold water bottle but as I was going out of her door she ran after me and gave me another water bottle and told me it was for my friend. I was really confused at first because I was by myself but then it hit me she saw another person with me and I truly believe it was my guardian angel. It was mind-blowing for me how God works in mysterious ways, I was feeling so alone that day and He sent my angel to be with me and that tells me that no matter what struggles or obstacles I’m going through He is always there by my side.

Jeremiah Fernandez

It was a nice cloudy Monday when I had this Divine appointment from God.

I was going from one business to another when I decided to go through the back of it since I saw there could be a shortcut. As I walked by, I saw a man trying to turn on his vehicle but it was giving him trouble. Then I questioned if I should approach him or not since he looked a bit annoyed by the situation. After all, I concluded ongoing and mostly praying for him, but I also end up presenting my books to him due to his kind gesture. He was glad to get two books from me and after that, I offered to pray for his car. He accepted that with a smile and we prayed for the Lord’s help for the current situation. Once I was done, we shook hands and I walked away to the next business, but then I heard him trying to turn his car on once more and it amazingly turned on! I smiled to myself, thank God and wave the man goodbye. Later on, I got to reach a mechanic where I met the man again, he thanked me for the prayer and let me know that his vehicle is soon going to be fixed.

God never leaves us through small or big trials alone, but always has a door open for our victory. We just need to depend on His divine power.

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