Helidany Castro

I wasnt having a good day; it seemed as if everyone was being mean to me. After lunch it didnt get any better. I even got yelled at by a lady who was startled when I approaced her. I couldnt take anymore, and I started crying. I started asking God why this was happening to me. I felt like I was doing all the work, and I couldn’t sense Him working. I felt alone. I continued canvassing with tears in my eyes, and people started giving me donations. One man even got a book just because I was crying! I wasn’t crying on purpose; I couldn’t help but cry.

After a while, my leader came and saw me crying, so he took me in the van asked me what had happened. He decided to take me to canvass some houses instead. On the way there, he played the hymn “A Mighty Fortress is our God” to encourage me. It made me cry even more because of its powerful message. I felt so blind because I couldn’t see His power working for me that day. The leader encouraged me and then dropped me off on my next street. At the second house on that street, a family got a four-book set (including The Great Controversy)! It was amazing because before my leader dropped me off, he’d told me that I would call for books very shortly, and that’s exactly what happened. All glory be to God for answering my prayers!

Canvassing has taught me that the only way to advance in life is to rely completely on God. I’ve also learned from this work how to be patient in ways that I’ve never learned before. I thank God for what He has done form me and for giving me the opportunity to do His work. Jesus is coming soon, and He needs people to be out working for Him. He brought me here to show others His mercy and love so that they might be saved!