Cindy Jumuad

On this particular day, I was feeling so down because I only got one book out during the morning shift but I tried to just keep a happy spirit in spite what I was going through but I was praying to God that He would help me get books out during the afternoon shift. As I was walking from house to house I kept praying and as I approached this house I knocked and a lady came to the door. I canvassed her as usual and she was really interested about the books and ended up getting 3 books and offered me a cold water bottle but as I was going out of her door she ran after me and gave me another water bottle and told me it was for my friend. I was really confused at first because I was by myself but then it hit me she saw another person with me and I truly believe it was my guardian angel. It was mind-blowing for me how God works in mysterious ways, I was feeling so alone that day and He sent my angel to be with me and that tells me that no matter what struggles or obstacles I’m going through He is always there by my side.