Benjamin Olivier

One thunderstorm-y day this past summer, resisting the urges to doubt that God could bless on such a day, I was dropped off in apartments so I’d have shelter from the rain and lightning. The first man I talked to wasn’t interested in books, but he donated for an HD. First person and1 HD. Second guy was a college student, low on funds, but was very interested, so I gave him an HD and he signed up for Bible studies. So 2 people, 2 HDs, and 1 Bible study. The third person was uninterested in books, but donated for an HD and signed up for Bible studies. Now 3 people, 3 HDs, and 2 bible studies. The fourth lady told me she was busy, and to come back at 2:00 pm. To this, I turned to the door across from hers and met another college student, a babysitter who signed up for Bible studies. 3 people, 2 HDs, 2 bible studies. Here’s the crazy part: a little girl inside the third apartment door was talking to the little boy under the babysitter’s watch, so the third lady kept listening. She became intrigued by hearing what I was sharing, and when I finished with the fourth soul, she was still standing by her door listening! 3 books later, before I could offer to pray for her, she was praying for me and signing up for Bible studies too. They then invited me into their apartment so I could meet the little girl’s turtle and watch them feed it. I couldn’t stay long of course, but by the time I walked back out of that home, 5 people, 4 bible studies, and 3 HDs removed from drop off, I knew that the rain and lightning were merely a token of the power of God, a power that was attending me in my work that day.